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Id Ul-Alha

Id Ul-Alha 2021, 2022 and 2023

Islam is the third largest religion in Sri Lanka and the religion’s most holy festival day, Id Ul-Alha, is a national public holiday. Around 10 percent of the population of Sri Lanka is Muslim.

202120 JulTueId Ul-Alha
202210 JulSunId Ul-Alha
202329 JunThuId Ul-Alha
202417 JunMonId Ul-Alha
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For Id Ul-Alha, Sri Lanka’s Muslims will generally attend a local mosque or a public prayer session. They will hear a sermon often related to how Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice his son Ishmael at Allah’s command. Allah ultimately provided a goat that replaced Ishmael as the sacrifice.

Some who have are financially and physically able may go on Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca to model the Prophet Muhammad and commemorate Ibrahim’s faith.

However the pilgrimage to Mecca is generally a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and most Sri Lankan Muslims will stay home and sacrifice an animal, then feast on its meat with family. A third of the meat is kept by the immediate family, a third is given to friends, neighbours, or relatives, and a third is donated to the needy who can’t afford their own Id Ul-Alha feast.

Previous Years

20201 AugSatId Ul-Alha
201912 AugMonId Ul-Alha
201822 AugWedId Ul-Alha
20172 SepSatId Ul-Alha